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Preschool Theme – All About Me

September Preschool Lesson Plans - All About Me Theme - Free Downloads

Preschool All About Me Theme Based Lesson Plans

preschool theme - all about me

Preschool Themes

View Our September Lessons - Free Downloads Below !

All About Me

all about me theme poster

Preschool Lesson Plans
September Curriculum - Week 2
Letters A, B, C - Numbers 1, 2, 3
Color Ė Red, Shape Circle
Preschool Theme – All About Me

Circle Time

all about me printable game

Printable Game

Help Ned Pick Up His Toys Game

All About Me Theme

Preschool Theme For Ages 2.5 to 6 Years

Circle Time Activity: Free Printable Game

Help Ned Pick Up His Toys - All About Me Theme - Printable Game

We hope you enjoy our new printable games. These are made for children aged 3 to 6.

This game is made for our "all about me" theme, we use this theme in our September lesson plans.

This game will focus on language skills, social skills and cooperation. The children will talk to each other when itís their turn, they will talk about what number they picked from the deck of cards along with learning to take turns. Playing this game is fun and educational!

Explain to the children that they are pretending that they are trying to get to Ned to help him put his toys away and to do this they need to pick a card from the deck and move their player (button) that many pieces by moving their button onto the squares on the game board to get to the finish line to find Ned. The child who gets to the finish line first can pretend to throw some toys into the toy chest on the page.

Directions for game: Print out the game onto heavy paper such as white cardstock paper.

You may want to use a large button for your playing pieces. This game works well in small groups of 2 to 3 children.

You will need some cards that have the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on them such as cards from an UNO game or you can make your own cards by cutting a few squares of cardstock paper and numbering each square one number (1, 2 or 3). Have the children take turns turning over a card and moving that many pieces, whoever gets to the finish line first is the winner.

This is a fun math activity for older preschoolers 3 to 6. It will help them to work on counting to 3, if you have mostly older preschoolers such as 4 to 6 year olds you may want to shake a dice instead and have them count up to the number 6.

Story Time

My teddy bear color book, this is the cover of the book, color the pages the correct colors.

Teddy Bear Color Book

Learning Colors

I see a red teddy bear.
I see a brown teddy bear.
I see a green teddy bear.
I see a yellow teddy bear.
I see a blue teddy bear.
I see a purple teddy bear.
I see a white teddy bear.
I see a black teddy bear.
This teddy bear is the color ____________. This is my favorite color!

Free Download!

Teddy Bear Color Book!

Story Time: My Teddy Bear Color Book

This story has the children color the teddy bears different colors and then on the last page they color the bear their favorite color. As the children are coloring the bears ask them what their favorite colors are, favorite snack is, favorite tv show, favorite toy, favorite book...have the children share things they like to focus on this weeks all about me theme.

The teddy bear coloring books are made for preschool children ages 2.5 to 5 years.

Print out the book onto heavy paper such as white cardstock paper. Cut all the pages in half, right down the center to make each page become 2 pages.

Give one page at a time to the children in your daycare. Have children color the first page any color they want (the cover) and have them write their name on the front of the book under where it says this book belongs to, or teacher can write their names.

After they are done with the cover of the book, teacher can give each child another page such as the red bear page. Pass all the children red crayons to color the bear red, repeat with the rest of the pages.

After all the pages have been colored teacher can put the pages together either by using a hand held hole punch and punching 2 or3 holes down the left hand side of the book and then tying the pages together, be sure to tie the yarn or string loosely so the pages will easily turn. Or teacher can staple down the left hand side of the book.

Next, teacher can pass out one of the bear pages such as the red bear and ask the children to color bear red, repeat with the rest of the colors. On the last page of the book, to go along with the all about me theme, children will decide which color they like best and then color the bear their favorite color. Teacher will write the color they pick onto the page for each child.

These pages may take a few days to get colored; they could be colored during circle time or during free play or some other time during the day. Plan on the children coloring these pages throughout the week and then taking their new books home at the end of the week. After all the pages are colored and the books are put together have the children look at their books as you ask them to find the red bear or the green bear or the purple bear, etc. See who can find the bear first.

Song/Rhyme Time:

All About Me Rhyme - Circle Time Rhyme

Interactive Rhyme

Fun Gross Motor Activity

Free Download!

Look At Me Rhyme

All About Me Rhyme

Song/Rhyme Time: Look At Me!

Do each action as you hear it, lots of fun!

Look at me I can turn around.
(Have children turn around)

Look at me I can tap the ground.
(Tap toe on the ground.)

Look at me I know the color blue.
(Point at something blue)

Look at me I have two hands one, two
(Hold up both hands)

Look at me I can touch my nose.
(Touch nose)

Look at me I can wiggle my toes.
(Wiggle toes)

Look at me I can run around.
(Run in place)

Look at me I jump up and down.
(Jump up and down)

Look at me I can turn out the light.
(Pretend to turn out a light)

Look at me I can say good night. Yell out good night everyone!
(Yawn and stretch and then close eyes and pretend to go to sleep)


Teddy Bear Craft Page - How is teddy feeling today?

Is teddy bear happy or sad?

Free Download!

Teddy Bear Craft Page

Art/Craft: Is teddy bear happy, sad, scared or surprised?

Make a face for teddy bear.

Print out our free printable craft page

Print out the teddy bear craft onto white copy paper. You will need to print out the teddy bear craft page onto copy paper, you will need one page for each child, or you can use the teddy bear as a pattern and cut out each child one bear from the pattern (first page you printed out).

Ask the children how they think teddy bear is feeling. Does he look sad? Does he look mad? Or is he smiling to show heís happy? Do they think he is happy (have everyone show what happy is by smiling and laughing.

Then ask the children if teddy bear was sad how would they know? Would he be smiling? (No, thatís happy) Would he be stamping his feet? (No thatís mad). Would he be crying? (Yes thatís sad) and then have them pretend to be sad by pretending to cry and rub their eyes.

Then ask the children if teddy bear was mad how would they know? Would he be smiling? (no) would he be crying? (No thatís sad). Would he be stamping his feet? (Yes, thatís mad) and then have them pretend to be mad by stamping around their feet around the classroom.

Explain to the children that they can decide how their teddy bear feels today. Have them begin by coloring their teddy bear.

More Craft Ideas: When they are done coloring they can make him a face. Teacher will need to cut out some red circles or ovals for a surprised look, and crescent moon shapes out of red paper for happy or sad faces, depending on how they turn the crescent moon. Cut out some black rectangles for a made look. Provide the children with googley eyes or large buttons for eyes and a black circle for a nose and some glue and let them have fun decorating their bears.

Learning Time:

Preschool Math Activity - count the toys

How many toys?

Let's Count The Toys!

Free Download!

Count the toys - printable page

Learning Time: How many toys does Ned need to pick up?

Fun hands on math activity for preschool children.

This activity is based upon the circle time game (above) where the children helped Ned pick up his toys. Now the children can have fun counting how many toys Ned still needs to pick up.

Print out the how many toys math printable page onto heavy paper such as white cardstock paper.

For preschool children - you will need some counting chips or circles of paper and write the numbers 1 - 5 onto the chips (one number on each counting chip) and have the children place the counting chips onto the circles on the card. See if they can tell you the numbers on each of the counting chips.

Then have them count the toys, how many toys are in the picture? If there are 3 toys in the picture, they will go down and remove the number 3 counting chip and place it next to the toys in the picture, such as behind the tractor.

To use the clothespins write the numbers 1 - 5 onto the chips (one number on each clothespin).

Have them match up the clothespins onto each of the numbers on the card. Then see if they can recite the numbers on the card back to you.

Next, have them count the toys. If there are 3 toys have them clip the number 3 clothespin onto the side of the card, such as right behind the tractor.

Letter/Number Time:

Preschool Math Activity - count the toys

Teddy Bear Letters

Color The Letters!

Free Download!

Teddy Bear ABC Worksheet

Letter/Number Time: ABC Worksheet

Let's learn our ABC letters!

Print out the page onto copy paper, you will need one page per child.

Have the children color the letters different colors.

Explain to the children that they are going to color the letters different colors

Color Aa green, tell the children that alligator begins with an a and they are going to color the aís green like an alligator.

Color Bb blue, tell the children that blue begins with the letter b and they are going to color the bís blue.

Color Cc yellow, tell the children that corn starts with the letter c and they are going to color the cís yellow like corn.

To begin have them start with one color such as Aa and give them some green crayons and after they are done, have them do the letter Bb and color it blue, and then the letter Cc and color it yellow.

If you find this it too hard for some of the younger preschoolers in your class then use the page as a point page instead. Place the page into a plastic sheet protector (Wal-Mart in the office section) or laminate) and let them color or scribble on it with dry erase markers and point out the letters they are coloring. Oh look, your coloring the letter a, now youíre coloring the letter c, do you know which letter this is? As they are coloring with the dry erase markers you can say something like, can you find the A? Can you find the B? Can you find the C? Help them as needed.

Special Activity:

Teddy bear feelings for an all about me theme, teddy bear lacing activity

How Is Teddy Feeling?

Fine Motor Activity

Free Download!

Teddy Bear Lacing
Printable Page

Special Activity: Teddy Bear Lacing

Eye to Hand Activity!


Print out the page onto heavy paper such as white cardstock paper. You will need a hand held hole punch and punch a few circles around the outside edge of the circle. You will need a thick piece of yarn and you may want to tie one end to one of the holes so the yarn doesnít get lost. Because with yarn there is always a chance of strangulation be sure the yarn isnít too long and supervise children with this activity.

To make the yarn like a needle so the children can push it through the holes you will now need tape the other end of the yarn to make it sturdy to use like a needle. Show the children how to lace the yarn through the holes around the seal.

This is a nice eye to hand coordination activity for older preschoolers. Some other activities that offer this skill would be stringing beads, puzzles, cutting, nesting toys, pegs and peg boards (these are just a few) there are many other activites that offer eye to hand cooerdination.

A lot of 3ís find lacing too hard to do and get frustrated with it. If you find some of the children in your daycare don't like lacing then offer them some straws to stick into the holes instead. Just make sure the holes are not too tight for the straws to go through, if they are too tight just make them a bit bigger. Using the straws is much more fun for most 3 year olds and lacing the cards will be easier as their development skills grow and develop.

View our themes for September - "All About Me Theme" is included!

Click Here To View September's lesson plans. (Ages 2.5 - 6 Years)

Four Weeks Of Lesson Plans !!
Included In Our September Preschool Curriculum - $15.00

Welcome Week Lesson Plans
All About Me Lesson Plans
Leaf Lesson Plans
Apple Lesson Plans
Week 1
Welcome Week
Week 2
All About Me Week
Week 3
Leaf Week
Week 4
Apple Week

Our September Curriculum
Is Broken Down Into 4 Weekly Themes

Our September lesson plans are based around these four weekly themes, which includes a circle time, story time, song or a rhyme, art or craft, learning time lesson, plus letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Instant Download !!
September Preschool Curriculum $15.00

Printable Story
Numbers 1, 2, 3
"Feelings" Activity
Egg Carton
Letter Match Up
Puzzle Match Up - Activity

Printable Activity Pages

View Some of September's Preschool Curriculum - Printable Pages
Print out games, craft patterns, coloring pages, work sheets and activities

Click Here To Purchase September Preschool Curriculum - $15.00 Instant Down Load

Click Here To View
September Preschool Curriculum

September's Weekly Calendar

Prschool Weekly Calendar
September Week 2
Letter B Ė Numbers 1, 2, 3
Color Ė Red, Shape Circle
All About Me Week

Daily Activities Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Circle Time Calendar, weather, songs

Body Parts Game

Calendar, weather, songs

Feelings 1, 2 3

Calendar, weather, songs

Baby Faces
Match Up

Calendar, weather, songs

What is your favorite?

Calendar, weather, songs

Shape Face

Song/Rhyme My Eyes Poem Open, Shut Them This Is Me If Your Happy & You Know It

I Have Five Fingers
Art Project

You will find the directions for all the activities in the lesson plans.

Paper Plate Face Hands & Feet Me Happy & Sad Face Puppets My Hands
Learning Time

Printable activity pages for all games, coloring pages, etc. can be down loaded after purchase.

Iím a Boy or Girl Writing & Coloring Write Number 1 Dress Sammy Are You Happy or Sad? FeelingsĒ Memory Game
Letter/Number Time Letter B Match The Letters Craft Stick Numbers Coloring & Writing
Letter B

Tap The Numbers

Special Activity

Dress Mary
Print Out Paper Doll
Animal "Feelings" Puzzles Mr. Potato Head Science
Fun with Magnets

Home Made Blocks

Print Out Activity Calendars

Receive Four Activity Calendars For Each Month Purchased
Instant access - $15.00 Per Month - Order Below!!

Preschool Curriculum Program

Our preschool program is made for children 2.5 up to 5 years old. Our program includes (five days per week) a circle time, story time, song or rhyme, craft, learning time, letter/number time and a fun special activity each day. In our program we focus on one theme each week by using songs, stories, crafts, games and other fun activities. we also work on teaching the children their shapes, colors, upper and lower case alphabet and numbers, science activities and so much more. We will have the children trace their letters, numbers and shapes plus play games where they will match up the colors, shapes, numbers or letters. Each month the children will learn three letters, one number, one shape and one color (September - May). Through the summer months we do a review where the children will review certain letters, numbers, colors and shapes each of the summer months. Children will be involved with a lot of fine motor activites which require "eye to hand coordination" such as sticking straws through a small hole in a piece of paper, pushing craft sticks into slots in a shoe box, cutting play dough, ripping up paper to do a craft, gluing the paper after, learning how to cut and trace and many other fun activites. Children will be invovled with learning social skills, sharing and waiting for their turn, pre math, pre reading, and science. Some of the simple science projects would be sorting fruits and vegetables, growing grass, watching an ant farm and so many other exciting activites!!

We also have younger toddler (12 to 18 months) and a toddler program (18 months to 2.5 year). These programs are available for every month of the year. Our toddler program provides lessons on teaching the children their colors, shapes, numbers up to 10, and some of their alphabet. These lessons are for children beginning to paint and glue. We also provide the words to songs/finger rhymes along with other fun activities. Our toddler curriculum is sold seperately, please click here to view our toddler program or click here to view our younger toddler program.

Getting Ready For School. We have found that when children are having fun and enjoy what they are doing, they learn quickly, which is what our program is all about, teaching the children through fun activities. Our program is like providing a mini nursery school and preschool program in your own daycare. Parents like the idea that their child is having fun participating in daily activities, art projects, songs, finger plays and games, which is teaching them and getting them ready for school.

Weather Chart

Weather Chart

Our preschool curriculum includes a circle time, story time, song or rhyme, art or craft, learning time, letter number time and a special activity for five days per week. We begin our day with free play and then we have breakfast. After breakfast we begin circle time. As you begin your circle time it's a good time to discuss with the children the weather outside. We have the children look out the window and then we ask them "what is the weather outside?" If you have a lot of younger children they may not be able to answer correctly, then we give them hints; such as, (do you see any white clouds in the sky, do you see the yellow sun?) Look out the window with the children and point out the weather such as "oh look, the trees are blowing back and forth, do you think it's windy outside? Or oh I see a puddle, how do you think that puddle got there? Do you think it's raining outside, lets open the window and listen and see if we can hear or or see it. If it's snowing outside point out the white flakes of snow coming down. It's nice to have a weather chart and have the children take turns each morning showing the weather on the weather wheel. Have one of the children move the arrow to the correct weather for that day. The weather wheel is included in our toddler or preschool curriculum.

Calendar Time. I will ask the children "Does anyone know what day it is?" If no one knows what day it is, I will tell them, "Today Is Thursday." I made a felt calendar with numbers that have Velcro on their backs to stick to the calendar. The children take turns putting up the numbers each day to show that days date. The Toddlers are too young to understand what a calendar is but they still have fun sticking up the numbers. After the number for the day is put up, we start at number one, on the calendar and I will point to each number and have the children count with me, to the new date that we just placed onto the calendar. As they say the numbers I point to the numbers on the calendar to help to teach them their numbers.

Circle Time - We begin our Toddler /or Preschool Program off each morning with circle time. We try to get all the children to sit together in a circle on the floor. We never force any child to participate, but we do try to encourage participation. You will find in our daily lesson plans which activity to do each morning for circle time. Our lesson plans are set up to be very easy to use. Our circle time activities are sometimes a short talk or discussion about that weeks theme but usually involves a game or some type of fun learning activity.

Seven Days Of The Week Song

There are seven days in the week, seven days in the week. There are seven days in the week. (Hold up 7 fingers)

And I know them all. (Point to self)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Saturday is the last one. Saturday ends the week. (Teacher will point to each day on the calendar)

Repeat song.

Singing Songs And Reciting Rhymes - Each week we teach the children a few new songs or rhymes for that week's theme. Sing the songs the children like, over and over, children like repetition so don't be afraid to sing any song the children really like on a daily basis, but try to add a few new ones each week. Don't expect the younger children to sing with you but they really enjoy music so please sing. In time they will be able to copy the hand movements to the songs and nursery rhymes they hear often and before you know it they will start to sing a word or two. Be sure to include some of the children's favorites each week. Some of our children's favorites are listed below.

  • ABC Song
  • The Wheels On The Bus
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • If You're Happy And You Know It
  • Old McDonald Had A Farm
  • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
  • Five Little Monkeys Teasing Mr. Crocodile
  • Plus others.

Weather Chart - The weather chart is included in every monthly curriculum package. We start our morning program off each day with circle time. To begin our circle time, we discuss with the children the weather outside. We have the children look out the window and then we ask them "what is the weather outside?" If you have a lot of younger children they may not be able to answer correctly, then we give them hints; such as, (is the sky white with clouds or just blue?) if its white does anyone know what that means? (Itís cloudy) "Is it raining outside?" "Is snowing outside?" "Is it cloudy outside?" "Is it windy outside?" We have a weather chart and each day we have one of the children move the arrow to the correct weather for that day.

Daily Circle Time Activities

Art Time - There is a daily art project (craft) for the children to do each day that goes along with that weeks theme. After circle time we have the children come to the table and sit down and get ready for art time. Look in your Toddler or Preschool lesson plans to see which craft you will be doing that day, and if you need to print anything out for that days craft. If we are going to use glue I place the glue into tiny plastic cups such as the kind you get with the sample play dough. I only put a small amount in the cup; just enough for that days project. I give the toddlers large brushes to use and the preschoolers smaller ones. If we are going to paint I make sure each child has some type of paint shirt on. If you do not have enough paint shirts, you can always use an old sweat shirt and cut off the arms. Anything will work. We use our old and stained up wash clothes for paint rags. I just wet the paint rag and it keep it handy for spills or for a child who is done before the others, or we may keep a dish pan with a small amount of water in it for the children who finish early to rinse off until they can get into the bathroom to wash up with soap and warm water.

bird sequence chart pie math muffin tin

Preschool Learning Activities - Above are a few examples of some of our preschool learning activities. These activities are made from easily accessible materials and provide a fun learning experience for the children. Our program also offers learning activties can be a work sheet, coloring page, a game, puzzles, bug hunt, ant farm, nature walk and other fun ideas. These activities are to teach the children about sharing, numbers, alphabet, shapes, colors and much more! The activities shown above may not be available for the month you are purchasing but similar activities are available for each month.

flowers Feed The Puppy Hair Srunches

Special Activities - Our preschool program also provides special activities for each day. Please view the examples above. The first picture the one with the flowers is an activity where the children will go on a flower hunt and collect plastic flowers. The next picture show an activity where the children will feed the puppy some bones and the picture shows an activity of putting hair scrunches onto a card board base. Each monthly program has different monthly activities. The ones shown above may not be available for the month you are purchasing but similar activities are available for each month.

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